Post Intoxication Elimination: Virgin Mary


Our ‘Post-Intoxication Elimination’ posts give you the opportunity to discover new recipes to treat that ugly hangover feeling that we all know far, far, too well…

Our latest answer to your prayersthe Virgin Mary.

Tomato juice is packed with simple sugars which get your blood sugar levels back to normal after a night out, as well as a high concentration of bioavailable lycopene which is an antioxidant compound which makes tomatoes and other fruits and vegetables have their distinctive colours (“oooh science!” – Eleanor)


Virgin Mary:

  • Plenty tomato juice
  • Drizzle of lemon juice
  • A generous splash of Worcester sauce or Mushroom Ketchup (which is a delicious vegetarian friendly alternative)
  • Few drops of Tabasco, or more than a few if you’d like a kick!
  • A shake of salt and a twist of pepper

Put the ingredients into a cocktail shaker or a jug with ice, and mix them together. Chuck in a celery stalk if you’re feeling festive.

Serve in a nice tall glass and rejoice with a rousing Hallelujah!

– Salena


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