We Recommend: Monmouth Coffee Company

As well as making food we both love eating it too! Eleanor, has a particular fondness (if you hadn’t guessed) for the food and drink traditionally found in cafes and coffee shops! Hence our Time For Tea posts. But between us we like pretty much anything. So when we find somewhere we particularly like we will pop up a little something about it and share it with you guys! Because sharing is caring!

On this occasion we are looking at Monmouth Coffee Company – one of the best known coffee establishments in London.

monmouth 1

For VERY good reason!

I (Eleanor) went on a grey Saturday, when Borough Market was heaving, and the queue for a Monmouth coffee was round the corner. Still, I knew it was worth the 20 minute wait for my cup of joe. Not least because they brought round free samples of their daily blend – a light by creamy offering on this occasion – to those loyal devotes in the line!

2014-10-18 13.52.41

When I did get inside – where there is bread, butter and jam on the tables by the way – I got my double espresso (£1.50!) and settled in for a seriously good time.

There is nothing bitter about this coffee, smooth is the order of the day. I would rate it up there with one of the best I’ve ever had, even out of a little paper take away cup! It had a good crema (if you want to get all technical) smooth, creamy and delicious. Just how it should be in my opinion.

2014-10-18 13.50.30

Although I didn’t try a latte or cappuccino offering I saw some being made. Individually prepared milk with no bubbles. Another tick on the coffee addict check list.

Monmouth takes great pride in both sourcing and roasting its coffee, changing their blends seasonally and by availability so that you get a consistently GOOD coffee, rather than churning out the same blend all the time. If you take a look at their website you can see just that. I really do encourage you to have  a read.

You can even find out the blend you had, and order online. For example, I had the:


Toasted almonds with smooth body and balanced fruity acidity

We currently use Fazenda São Benedito (Brasil) as the base of the espresso, adding Lo Mejor de Huila (Colombia) for high notes and complexity and Finca Las Nubes (Guatemala) for cocoa notes.”

And smooth and balanced it was too. (How many times an I say smooth in one blog post? Seriously? But it’s the only word!!)

They have been going since 1978 and still only have 3 shops in London, which means they can concentrate on getting every cup just right. Which they do! So if you are in Covent Garden, Borough Market or Bermondsey any time soon check them out! You will not be disappointed!!

2014-10-18 13.52.51_edited


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