We recommend: Timberyard

Having just been declared the best independent coffee shop in Europe, at the European Coffee Symposium, Timberyard on Old Street seemed like a place worth checking out, and popping on here. So I diligently took one for the team this weekend, and went for a good long investigation. The things I put myself through for coffsterity (that’s a combination of coffee and posterity in case you didn’t realise).


Firstly, I would just like to say… They give you a timer for your tea! Is it hugely british of me, or is that really cute? Darjeeling deserves a full 3 minutes apparently, and I have to admit mine was quite nice after it’s allocated time. But seriously, a timer… A little much or actually pretty amazing? I can’t quite decide.


Also, no tea bags, just loose leaf, which I approve of grately. And quite a good tea selection as well. I think I might have to come back and try some of their more exotic offerings, “Iron Goddess Oolong” sounds particularly interesting. So they were off to a good start.

You also get a bottle of water with each order as standard, which I think is a nice touch (a reusable glass bottle of tap water that is.)

I also indulged in some of the cake, “Blueberry almond tart” which came in a large and seriously yummy portion! Blueberry frangipane is officially delicious! I may have to experiment with some recipes for a Time for Tea post!

But, obviously I had to get to the important part at some point. I admit, I dragged it out for quite a long time, I was enjoying my window seat watching the world walk by. The coffee. A latte on this occasion.



The coffee itself is solid, well made and tasty. But to be honest I think it’s everything else about this place that makes it great. It has a lovely relaxed atmosphere, it’s somewhere you can bring your laptop and work (there are even Ipads for customers to use) or just sit on the sofa and chill out. There is even a little meeting/conference area in the basement. The staff are friendly and attentive, and generally really nice. It’s a lovely little independent coffee shop that is really worth checking out!

If you’re on Old Street or around Seven Dials and in need of a caffeine based pick me up, then Timberyard is a place worth heading to.


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