Post-Intoxication Elimination


Our ‘Post-Intoxication Elimination’ posts give you the opportunity to discover new recipes to treat that ugly hangover feeling that we all know far, far, too well…

Virgin Mary 

Guacamole and Tortilla Crisps

Bacon and Peanut Butter – Guest Blogger

Time for tea

Eleanor: I’ve spent the most part of both mine and Salena’s childhood’s trying to fatten her up with cake (“hasn’t worked haha” – Salena), and I wanted to share some of these goodies with everyone else. So check out my ‘Time For Tea’ baking recipes, which always come with a ‘Tea Shout,’  so you know which cuppa to have with your tasty treat! 

Lemon Sugar Biscuits 

Almond Vanilla Cookies 

Parmesan, Paprika and Oregano Bites

Banana  Bread

Ginger Snaps


Food For Joe

Salena: I needed to think of a way to make delicious and healthy meals for my long suffering (mostly with a bellyache because he’s eaten too much) boyfriend when we started living together. So ‘Food For Joe’ is a culmination of recipes that Eleanor and I have put together for all the couples with a out there (or pairs of people – you don’t need no man!) who want to make sure that the special people in their lives are fed well!

These recipes are best cooked with someone else, alongside loads of laughs and several glasses of wine.

Root Vegetable Stew 

Thai Soup with Mussels

Veggie “Meatballs”

Vegetable Kofta Curry

MEATballs with Red Pepper Sauce

Beetroot and Fennel Soup

Stupidly Simple

So, as the title suggests, we like to keep things simple. 

They say simplicity is the ultimate sophistication (we like to convince ourselves of that anyway), so whenever you see ‘Stupidly Simple’ title, you know we’re keeping things nice and easy.



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